April 2020

Well, what a month it has been, though I am quite certain everyone agrees with this sentiment. Needless to say, with the CoVid-19 pandemic currently taking over the world, I have been unable to make the move to Bali as of this time.

Of course I had already completed preparations for the relocation, including notifying my landlord. Just before things turned south, a new tenant was secured leaving me without any options for flexibility. It's been a stressful couple of weeks as different options were considered on where I should do or where I should go.

The original flights included a stop in Taipei so an Airbnb was booked for a month there thinking I would just complete that part of the flight plan and stay until normalcy returned. Unfortunately, the day after I made this decision, Taiwan also announced they are closing borders to foreigners to mitigate the spread of the virus.

I am lucky to have amazing friends, however, and as of March 28th, I am staying with my friend in Portland, Oregon to ride out the storm. Portland is a great city, with a lot of beautiful sites not too far from the small city center. I am looking forward to some social distancing out in the middle of no where. It also feels great to be finished with the moving out part, although the uncertainty of how long we will be in the current climate does not work with my typical lifestyle as a planner of everything.

More frequent vlogs are likely now that I will be able to capture some actual exciting content. Stay tuned for future updates- depending on what happens with the situation, I might post a mid-April entry also. I am hoping we can see a turnaround and return to normalcy before long so I can continue onto my relocation.

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