May 2020

Here we are, all in lockdown together. This situation is not what I, or likely anyone, ever expected during modern times. As always, I have been trying to make the best of the situation and remain positive as I eagerly await the opportunity to go forward with my plans. Motivation has been hard to maintain without the knowledge of how long this will continue. I have been mainly focusing my energy on this website and completed a redesign which I believe will provide a smoother experience for you, my fellow adventurers.

The newest addition is the inclusion on a sign-up form. Enrolling will give access to an email newsletter, though I have yet to decide the frequency of these. Also included with the latest update is links to partners, such as NordVPN. If you love to travel and do not currently use a VPN, I highly recommend it. They are a great tool for bypassing restrictions on the internet around the world and help to protect your data when on public WiFi. There are also links to PayPal and Patreon. Patreon allows me to offer extra bonus content in exchange for financial support. I have also begun to sell t-shirts and coffee cups if you are interested in showing the world your love of adventure.

As we remain in lockdown, I will be keeping my focus on learning and improvement, particularly with the brand. I promise to film another vlog very soon. I need to scout out a location nearby in order to complete this. My biggest goal is to increase engagement across each platform. I have kept up with daily Instagram photos, but have so far failed to post anything great on Facebook. I welcome all feedback as to what you are interested in. Until next time.

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