July 2020

Well, it looks like we survived one bumpy road known as June 2020. There has certainly been a lot to talk about but I am not looking to get involved in political discussions here. I have tried to make the best of this time to get out and explore more of the US. I am also trying to hone up on some new skills which I can turn into optimizing my life and perhaps lead into more forms of passive income. I am very blessed to have amazing friends in my life. My friend welcomed me to stay with him back in March and has been extremely hospitable. He is also interested in adventures so we decided to enjoy a road trip together.

Starting off the month, we had also spent an overnight at the beach, about two hours drive from his place. It was awesome to see Astoria in real life as you may or may not know this cozy seaside town is the setting of The Goonies - a fantastic film from the 80s. The town itself is small and reminded me of a more quaint Monterrey, California. We only spent a short time there to have a picnic at the Astoria tower. From Astoria, we drove out to Cannon Beach. This is another spot, famous from the same film. After a leisurely walk along the beach we called it an early night to catch some rest and relaxation.

The next adventure was much more involved. In the middle of the month, we headed out on a 3,500 mile journey across seven states, over the course of five days. The first day was strictly drive time from home outside of Portland, Oregon to an awesome Airbnb in Victor, Idaho. This was my first time behind the wheel in ten months! The drive itself wasn't too bad, despite the length of the journey and the wet weather encountered the whole way. That night might have been my best night of sleep. The next morning we arose to a gloomy day filled with on and off heavy rains. Our plans for the day were to check out Grand Tetons National Park and Yellowstone National Park. We made the best of the wet weather but decided to switch up the original plan a bit to come back in a couple of days when the forecast was more favorable. After exploring the parks, we drove across Wyoming to settle into our home for the night in a little town called Aladdin.

The following day was beautiful weather-wise. Our exploration this day was over to South Dakota to check out the buttes that make up Badlands National Park before headed over to Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse National Monuments. The day concluded with a visit to the majestic Devils Tower back in Wyoming and another long drive back to Cody, Wyoming. Our earlier change in plans paid off with fantastic weather during the second visit to Yellowstone and Tetons. We were able to spot some wildlife this time around, including Yellowstone's famous bison as well as elk and a bear. Once we captured some great shots of the parks it was back on the road, down to Elko, Nevada, our home for the night. Another restful night led us to an early ride over the state line to Wendover, Utah and the Bonneville Salt Flats. This place is unreal and looks like an alien world. The vast, open space of pure white salt provides for some amazing photos. Unfortunately, our time was once again limited as we set off again on the long drive back home. The trip was too short, filled with a lot of drive time and not quite enough time to fully immerse in the awe-inspiring beauty, but well worth it. I am grateful for the memories.

As there is still much uncertainty in this world with the current situation, I hope everyone is remaining safe and healthy. My plans continue to be put on hold and new adventures will come along as I can make them happen. I am remaining hopeful for a resolution before too long and keeping an open eye on the news as it relates to travel restrictions being lifted. If another destination becomes available before Bali, I am considering starting elsewhere. For now, only time will tell. See you all again in the update next month! Be well adventurers.

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