October 2020

Time is a funny thing. It has been six months since I came to Vancouver, Washington, yet it feels like I have been here for years. It has been nice to have this downtime after working so hard for the past few years in order to realize my goals, but I am also happy to be moving on.

Two weeks from today I will be once again boarding a plane for a quick return to San Francisco in order to take care of a few small items. After two nights in the Fog City, I will be visiting with family for two weeks. I have not returned to my hometown or seen anyone in my family in four years so the visit will be nice. I have another niece and a new future sister-in-law since the most recent visit, both of whom I am excited to be meeting.

On the first of November, I will be finally making the move abroad. The destination is not what was originally planned, yet still very exciting. The state of Yucatan in Mexico is home to many beautiful sites; the Mayan ruins, Cenotes, Grutas and beautiful beaches. Finally I will be able to capture more content for the YouTube channel so be sure to subscribe.

As of now, I am booked to stay in Mexico for three months, with the possibility of a six-month stay total. I have reserved an Airbnb in Oxkutzcab for the entire duration of the first three months as a home base and will reserve for a night or two in other locations around the state as I explore the sites. I have also reserved a car which admittedly makes me a little nervous. This will be my first time driving outside of the US, on top of now owning a car and rarely driving during the past eight years.

Stay tuned for more photos, video and updates as I finally get started with the nomadic lifestyle.

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