November 2020

Finally, I have made it! After a visit to my family, I have continued on this journey and arrived in Yucatan, Mexico. As of this time I have only been here for two days and have been settling into the apartment. Like everyone else, I have been distracted by the news and the lengthy election counts.

With everything happening in the world, I have thought more about this journey and my expectations out of the entire experience. With this I am amending my general goals a bit and changing my focus on slow travel as a whole. I believe this will lead to a more exciting and interesting story. As this concept of slow travel is unknown to most I wanted to discuss my views on the topic here. I would love to hear your thoughts as well so please feel free to reach out via email or on Instagram or Facebook.

The concept of slow travel builds upon the idea of taking the time to immerse into a local culture rather than the usual visit for a week or two most people have the opportunity to experience. My plan with this is to live in a location for ideally six months at a time in order to have the chance to really connect with locals and see more than the typical attractions. There are certain challenges to be expected with this as not every country will allow me to stay for this length of time so plans will need to be adjusted accordingly to fit this and likely some stays being closer to three months. Either way, the experiences and insight into cultures and history of each country excite me a lot. Here in Mexico, I will be going to visit the cenotes and the Mayan sites. A plus to the situation with Covid stopping the world is for a time now, these attractions will be mostly empty. Please be sure to follow the social media accounts for photos and videos of my escapades.

I will be playing with some formatting with regards to vlogs too so be sure to subscribe on YouTube, I promise a new video will be coming in a couple of weeks as I get out to explore the area more. My goal is to be uploading a new video every other week starting in December.

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