January 2021

I think it is safe to say 2020 provided for some challenges. I surely did not choose the easiest time with this new chapter in life, however I do not regret the decision at all. I have been unable to enjoy some unexpected opportunities, which makes the adventure even better!

As we start off this new year, I wanted to look back at the lessons I have learned and the growing I have accomplished so far. When it comes to a nomadic life, flexibility and patience are of upmost importance. We have all learned just how quickly everything can change in this world and the ability to adapt to unfolding situations while remaining calm is key for mental health. I feel very lucky with my work experience in managing hotels for my need to develop these traits as it is similar when operating within the industry. The support of my family, friends and growing number of fans has definitely provided me the direction and focus to never give up, thank you!

Starting a brand means I have needed to learn many new skills. This website has been coded by hand, by myself. Photography has been a hobby of mine for some time, but the practice in taking better shots has been difficult at times. I had zero experience in editing videos and still have much to learn in the progress to better tell the story. My experience with marketing was very limited just a year ago, though now I have learned how to use social media to find my audience. I also created the brand logo and artwork used across all platforms and designed into the merchandise available in the store. All of this has been a rewarding piece to the journey as I know the skills acquired will stay with me forever.

With the pandemic still in full force, future destinations in 2021 have yet to be decided. I will remain here in Mexico thru the end of April. At that time, we will see what the situation is like and decide where to go next. Possibilities include a return to Southeast Asia or further south on this side of the world. Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia have always been on my list of places to see. With the time here, there are still many sites to explore also.

Please stay tuned for next month's updates and new vlogs coming out. Stay safe on your adventures!

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