April 2021

The month of March started off with a move to a new Airbnb, located in El Centro of Merida, the capital city of Yucatan. I very much enjoyed the apartment in the Poligono neighborhood, however it was a bit far removed from the center, with nothing really exciting to see nearby. I am very happy with the location of the new apartment, and it has been serving me well as a place to call home for a while.

After settling in, it was time to explore the neighborhood and the surrounding area. Merida is a very beautiful city with a unique mixture of old and new. Among modern buildings, you will still find a lot of colonial era buildings such as the many churches. There are also some Mayan ruins scattered throughout the city in some of the parks. Plaza Grande is a short walk away where locals will stop to enjoy the outdoors and on the weekends will host vendors selling local wares. It is a bit of a longer walk, however Paseo de Montejo is a beautiful avenue with amazing architecture to enjoy and leads to the most famous landmark in the city, the Monumento a la Patria, a massive art piece installed in the center of the roundabout which depicts the history of Mexico through rock carvings. The location of the apartment also serves well for easy access to transportation options.

During the month of March, I was able to escape the city for a couple of getaway trips. In the beginning of the month, it was very close for me to walk to the bus station to return to Progreso, the nearest beach town, for a day of sun and sand. One of the best features of this city is that the beach is only 30 minutes away. For the last weekend of the month, I reserved a rental car and drove out to Piste, a small town in the middle of the state to finally experience Chichen Itza and Valladolid. Chichen Itza is the largest and most notable of the ancient Mayan cities in Mexico. It is also among the most visited sites in the world and is a UNESCO world heritage site. A full review comparing the cities of Mayapan, Uxmal and Chichen Itza will be coming very soon.

This month I also found a tattoo shop for my favorite type of souvenir. On the back of my shoulder, I now have a beautiful piece of art depicting Camazotz, the God of the Underworld, represented by a half-man and half-bat. I would like to get a tattoo in the local style from every destination I visit.

April is looking to be a month which will pass quickly as I already have several small getaways planned. I am excited for the experiences and to be able to share my insights with you. Please stay safe and healthy and I will see you soon for more updates!

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