May 2021

The month of April passed by super fast, as I had expected. It was a great month, however, with a couple of getaways. As my birthday was in the beginning of the month, I wanted to do something special to celebrate.

Luckily, I found out there is a beautiful beach town just a few hours away from Merida which was the perfect place for me to celebrate. Celestun was very easy to get to and from by bus. It is a unique beach for the state of Yucatan as it borders the Bay of Campeche which means it faces west, leading to some of the most stunning sunsets I have ever witnessed. For the big day, I found the perfect experience, a boat tour through the mangroves and nature preserve. There are several companies offering various tours, with motorboats, kayaks and canoes all available. I walked with no idea which place I would end up at, but happily stumbled into Parador Turístico Celestún. The tour was just under two hours and included a stop to the feeding areas for the flamingos as well as into the mangroves where there are countless shorebird species and alligators. There is also a cenote in the middle of the mangroves which you can swim in. I included Celestun in a travel article related to beach towns of Yucatan if you want to learn more.

While I was staying in Oxkutzcab, I had learned there is a castle and it is available for rent on Airbnb. During my three months there, it was never available. I decided to check one last time as I entered the final month in Mexico as it was an intriguing experience. I feel very fortunate as the castle was available for a weekend so I booked it. It really was a unique stay and provided for a nice escape. It was nice to revisit the place where my Yucatan journey had started one final time too. Check out this tour of the castle shared on YouTube.

The last two weeks of the month were very bittersweet as I knew my six months in Mexico was quickly coming to an end. While I was very excited to jump on a plane and come here to Guatemala, it was also difficult to be leaving such a beautiful place filled with very kind people. I do plan to return to Yucatan some time after the pandemic as there are several sites which were unavailable this time. Be sure to check in next month to see what experiences I can find now that I am in Antigua, Guatemala.

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