June 2021

I learned a very valuable lesson during the month of May. I never really thought much about rainy seasons when arranging travels. It seems the rainy season in the Guatemalan highlands started at the same time as my arrival. The rainy season here, or least at this time, is unlike my experiences in other places during a rainy season. I was in Bali during their rainy season last year and did not experience such unrelenting wet weather, while in Antigua during the month of May it seemed to rain everyday starting around 9 or 10am and lasting well into the late evening and nighttime. The biggest downsides to this has been difficulty in getting out to explore the city much.

The upside to this experience has been the time to work on some projects for this website. With a lot of reading, research and trial and error I learned how to create a comment system for all of the blog posts. I have written all of the code for this website myself which has been providing me a new skillset as well as allowing me to have complete control over every aspect of this little piece of the internet. I much prefer to host my own newsletter and comment system as it removes concerns I have over security with a third-party company and also means I know there is no third-party company collecting your personal information. We all have more than enough of our data out there already and I do not believe in needing to collect your data for any reasons.

You may have also noticed some cosmetic changes to the website as well. As I continue to learn more in relation to web design and development, I have been making changes in order to improve your experience. I have adjusted the color theme with the introduction of a light mode and dark mode which will be set depending on your device settings. In the future, I would like to impliment a switch to allow you to easily toggle between the two. The first priority however is adding more Travel Guides and then working on a complete translation to at least Spanish to start.

If you do encounter any errors or issues with the website, please do let me know. I hope you are enjoying my story of slow travel. Please leave a message in the discussion below! Stay safe and healthy!

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