July 2021

I am still here in Guatemala, with my second month spent in Panajachel, the main commercial and port town on the shores of Lake Atitlan. The area is absolutely beautiful as it sits in a valley between huge mountains with three large stratovolcanos sitting on the other side of the lake. Unfortunately, rainy season here continues to be relenteless. Yesterday was the first day since my arrival with no rainfall, though it was a moving day so my day was occupied and I was still unable to get out to explore around the lake.

After my month in this town, I decided to stay an extra week, though I am now at a different Airbnb, much closer to the lake front in hopes of having the weather cooperate long enough where I can take a boat ride to at least one of the other towns, or to a hike up one of the volcanoes. Despite the weather, I am still loving it here and looking forward to this month as I have plans reserved to explore more of the country before my departure.

With the less than stellar weather, I have created another website as a personal portfolio in order to highlight my career and hobbies. As always, I have been working on improvements with both websites in order to deliver a better experience while enjoying The Adventure Beyond. Stay tuned as I will soon be sharing more Travel Guides! Stay safe and healthy!

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