August 2021

Hello adventurers! Can you believe it is already August? I cannot believe how quickly the time is passing. It feels like I was just arriving in Guatemala and here I am, already having come to the end of my three months in that beautiful country. The month of July was filled with some incredible experiences though.

I opted to stay an additional week in Panajachel after a wonderful month of June in the quaint lakeside town. Luckily, the rainy season started to breakup a bit and provided a couple of very beautiful weather days so I finally got to explore other areas around the lake. I opted to walk over to the next town to the south, Santa Catarina Palopo and then take a boat back to Panajachel.

After the week came to an end I returned to Antigua for an additional week as well. This Airbnb was located just south of the city center and provided an amazing view of Volcan de Fuego. I spent a lot of time just watching the mountain blowing off its continuous eruptions. I also set up a tour to Volcan Pacaya where I was able to hike up the active volcano and roasted marshmallows with the tour guide in the recent lava flow from the latest large eruption in May. Check back soon for an in-depth discussion of this experience coming to the Travel Guides.

Of course it is not possible to visit Guatemala without going to the north to experience Tikal, one of the largest ancient Mayan cities, located deep in the jungles of Petén. I stayed for 10 nights in Alice Guesthouse, which was easily one of the best accommodation experiences I have had so far. The life in the jungle was amazing with so much wildlife always on display, and the orchestra led to some fantastic sleep every night. Tikal was also impressive in itself and filled almost an entire day of exploring the sites and taking in all the cool animals around, including Spider Monkeys, Howler Monkeys, Coati and many bird species.

My time in Guatemala will forever remain in my memories and I can easily recommend everyone visits this amazing little country. There are more sites that I would love to see still and plan to return again some time. I am now in Quito, Ecuador, my first time in South America, and have been impressed with the first impressions. I am excited to share more next month. Comment below if you have ever visited Guatemala and what was your favorite experience there?

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