November 2021

A year ago, The Adventure was just beginning as I was preparing to board a one-way flight to Yucatan, Mexico. So much has changed throughout the world in the past twelve months, with travel being a very interesting experience as we all continue to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

The virus has created some unique challenges related to flights and traveling. Many of the attractions I have been able to visit along the way have seen discounted pricing and less crowds than what is typical. For instance, when I was visiting Tikal in Guatemala, I was able to roam around the huge park without seeing anyone else for more than an hour. The Galapagos were much more affordable, with the cost of the hostel being about twenty-five percent cheaper than during a peak season. While this is all good for those of us still traveling during these times, it has been difficult to see the business owners and operators dealing with the lower demands and revenue.

The slower times have allowed me to stop and talk to the hosts of each Airbnb more, however, which has opened up some great conversations. I can honestly say I have met some of the warmest and most kind people during the past year’s journey. What I love most about traveling is those opportunities to stop and converse with people, sharing our stories. This is also my favorite aspect of having worked in the hospitality industry.

My style of traveling would usually include far less planning ahead as I have needed to do during this time. With rules and regulations changing so often and so quickly, I have spent a lot more time than I typically would scouring through government websites to research testing and mask mandate laws as well as information for curfews and other special considerations.

I am very grateful for this opportunity and am looking forward to what has yet to come. I also wanted to thank you, all of you, for continuing to lend your support and words of encouragement. It is a great feeling to be able to follow your passion and know so many people are sharing in your excitement.

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