April 2022

Hello Adventurers! Welcome to the 18th month of this long-term slow travel journey. This also unfortunately is the final few weeks before I return to the United States for a while. It has been an incredible experience though the funds are starting to get low so I need to earn and save again before more international adventures can happen.

I am currently enjoying some time in Santiago, the beautiful capital city of Chile. I arrived here last week after spending a month in Antofagasta, a very interesting city located on the coast in the north of the country, separated by the Atacama desert by a small chain of mountains. I did spend some time in the heart of the desert in a small town called San Pedro, which was incredible. If you are not aware, the Atacama is considered one of the driest places on the planet and is filled with a diverse set of natural landscapes, especially where the desert floor meets with the Andes mountains.

I do not really have much exploration planned for my short time here in Santiago outside of a hike to the nearby overlook for my birthday next week. Besides that I have been walking around the local area and spending the majority of my time with some projects for both websites.

I will first be flying into San Francisco as I have a couple of things I need to do there. The start of the pandemic forced me into a position of a couple open loose-ends. It will also be a good opportunity to see a few friends again as I never had the ability to say goodbye with the world changing so quickly at the time of my departure two years ago.

My next move will be back to the east coast where I will stay with my brother for a while. My goal is to pick up some assignments with a task-force company I have been in communication with along with a couple of other side projects which cannot be discussed as of yet. I will continue to produce content for The Adventure Beyond, with a focus on writing more Travel Guides as well as some Adventure Videos based on the footage I have from all this time abroad. Stay tuned for more exciting updates to come.

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