May 2022

It feels quite surreal to be back in the United States after spending a year and a half overseas. Midway through April I made the journey from Santiago back to San Francisco where I spent a week catching up with some friends and closing out my PO Box. After that, I spend a little more than a week back in Connecticut where I was able to see my two youngest nieces again as well as my brother and his fiance. In order to readjust to life in this country, I kept the past two weeks pretty relaxed and stepped away from all of my projects.

As I write this, I am currently back in the airport awaiting my flight for my first business trip. After two years of not working in a normal sense, I am headed back to California for my first hotel consulting gig. My first assignment is located in Palm Springs where I will be assisting the front desk of a beautiful resort. As this next chapter begins, the excitement continues to grow.

I will take a very brief recess after this assignment to return to Connecticut once again in order to attend my brother’s wedding before a return to California once again for my second assignment, located in Sonoma. It is awesome to see the industry coming back in at least some capacity after a very challenging time thanks to the pandemic.

With work picking up, unfortunately there will be a slow-down in updates on the website. As I find my groove, I will be focusing on producing more travel guides based upon my experiences across Latin America. I will also be sharing video clips as stories on Instagram and Facebook in the coming weeks and eventually edit videos (I have in my possession a drone now.)

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