June 2022

The adventure continues, in a different direction. I spent the majority of May on my first task force contract in the Coachella Valley in southern California. It feels good to be working again, but also exhausting which means little energy and time for exploring. The experience is still quite amazing to be able to see more of my home country, and be earning an income again in order to save for the next round of international adventures.

The valley is a unique place on the planet, carved out by the movement of the infamous San Andreas Fault. The desert environment is now home to many resorts and golf courses and acts as an escape from Los Angeles. The area is absolutely beautiful, definitely a place I will visit again but for pleasure in order to enjoy the natural wonders.

The contract was successful and on the last weekend of the month I returned once again to Connecticut for my brother’s wedding. It was a short visit as I turned around again to return to California, but this time to Sonoma County, famous for the vineyards and wine production. This contract has me covering a Director of Front Office role for at least seven weeks. I once again have the cameras and drone in tow and hope I can have the time available to explore the local area. When I was living in San Francisco, I did have the pleasure to visit this area several times, but would love to see even more.

Stay tuned as I continue to plan out the next several months. After a couple of contracts I should have enough saved to once again take some time off to see some unique wonders of this amazing planet. I will begin working on creating more content in the form of Travel Guides very soon as well. Don’t forget to show your support of the adventure by checking out the Travel Resources and Travel Gear pages. Be well adventurer!

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